Possible Pivotal Photos

These Photos Reveal Possible Influences on Yost in relation to the carving on his steps (Hell’s Half Acre) and the name of his power boat (Hell’s-A-Poppin). I have also included photos of Dr. Herbert Sloane with his life-size doll, April Belle, as well as Helen Duncan and her life-size doll, Peggy.

Yost carved steps poster
1940s poster from a traveling ghost and seance show. Was Yost influenced by this or was he merely deeding his property to the devil?
Hellzapoppin movie Yost
It seems fairly certain that Yost was influenced by the Universal Pictures film, Hellzapoppin. The movie opens with actors in devil costumes (horns, pitchforks, etc.) who are roasting people alive. Below are advertisements about the movie and scenes from it.
Hellzapoppin Yost devil worship satanism
Hellzapoppin Film Card
Hellzapoppin Film Card
Yost satanism
Scene from Hellzapoppin movie
yost devil worship
Scene from movie
Herbert Sloane and his doll April Belle
Dr. Herbert Sloane and his doll, “April Belle” (in the background over his right shoulder).
Helen Duncan and her doll
Helen Duncan and her doll, “Peggy”