Author’s Photos

Ernie Yost basement devil worship satanism
Ernie Yost’s former basement. Photo taken in 2016.
Ernie Yost's former gun
Ernie Yost’s former gun. It was used to kill Tucker Moroose and Nellie Yost.
The carved steps. Ernie Yost Hells Half Acre
The infamous carved steps. “Hell’s Half Acre” is carved into the top step. Photo taken in 2012. The house is small but has nice curb appeal today (white paint and a stone facade). It was a brown structure when Yost lived there.
Crime scene. Law office.
Crime scene. Law office where the murders occurred. It is now occupied by the Marion County Tax Assessor. The windows look out upon the Fairmont courthouse.
Marks on the wall from the bomb explosions
Bomb explosion marks on the basement wall. They have not been repaired to this day. Photo taken in 2016.