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Blind Spots Yet Remain In Yost Tragedy

(The Fairmont Times, April 9, 1948)

“…The most bizarre series of tragic events ever to occur in the recent history of this city… A strange rendezvous with Death… Many will say ‘There’s more to this than meets the eye”… [After the killings] Yost calmly lighted a cigarette, reloaded the gun with three shells. [The police arrived] and entered the death chamber, the cigarette was still lighted in Yost’s mouth. He was leaning at a crazy angle and blood was trickling in a stream onto the floor. [The bombs were] designed to make a blazing inferno of the kitchen in which a cunningly made effigy of Mrs. Yost reposed before the kitchen table… Only the tenderness and affection that this tortured soul felt for a little dog prevented the fulfillment of this design… Bent as he was on destruction of everything he owned he would not permit his pet to perish in the flames.” – The Fairmont Times, April 9, 1948

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