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Yost Dead; Lingers 15 Hours After Slaying Wife And Lawyer; Little Dog Averts Weird Plot To Burn Home: Effigy of Wife and Charred Home Survive City’s Weirdest Day

(Fairmont Times April 8, 1948)

“When the firemen entered the smoke-filled kitchen of the house they found the hand-made form of a woman sitting at the kitchen table. She had a cleverly painted face and her flowing hair was made of straw… Yost’s wife was dead when the police arrived, a queer, distorted, pathetic figure huddled upon the floor with a ghastly wound in her forehead. Moroose was barely alive as he lay by his desk bleeding from five wounds. He died in the ambulance as it sped to the Emergency hospital… Yost had assaulted his wife. It was after this that Mrs. Yost left her husband and brought suit for divorce… A skilled mechanic and electrician, Yost had fashioned two fire bombs in his home set to fire the house at 4 p.m. Wednesday.” – Fairmont Times April 8, 1948.

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